Infinite Spaces

A sound design experiment to create lush and huge soundscapes using the Wall of Sound technique. Created as a use case of Machine Learning for composition and sound design while studying Sound and Music Computing Masters Degree.

All tracks were created with the Wall of Sound recording technique. Wall of Sound is a production technique created in the 60’s by Phil Spector to make pop songs stand out on mono AM radio by playing many instruments together in the same room to create music that was carried by sound. In Infinite Spaces, this technique is used to design sounds, create space and enlarge the sense of depth in the listener.

The author spent a whole year recollecting, selecting and classifying sounds that are harmonically compatible and provide the right texture to be played together. You may hear field recordings, samples from other pieces from the author, samples from synthesizers or real instruments, conversations with friends and found sounds.

During the performance, these sounds are played together, part of this selection is based on the previous classification of sounds, and interaction with the artist, and the rest are selected by a pseudo-random algorithm based on Markov Chains. This creates live interaction between the performer and the machine. What you hear is a combination of sounds that generates unheard sounds and textures. The performance of this piece cannot be repeated, given the generative nature of these pieces' design.

Infinite Spaces makes a huge collection of sounds sound bigger and richer than its parts, via a well-balanced dose of harmony, human interaction and technology that creates an expressive cloud of lush, melancholic and drone musical pieces.