(In collaboration with Joana Moher)

Joana Moher and Joaquin Jimenez Sauma met during the World Listening Day 2018, at Convent Sant Agusti, in Barcelona, without previously knowing each other. When planning to propose an interactive piece for this event, the idea was to create a piece in real-time. While Joana was making noises, harvesting sounds from the Convento walls and her body, improvising thoughts, and dancing to a microphone, Joaquin was recording and arranging the audio being generated. During this performance, a system of reactive visuals was illustrating the process for the audience. The subject of that year’s event was “What the future sounds like”, and participants were invited to imagine how sounds in the future will be. A few years later, and thanks to the technology from the future, in 2021 we can finally hear the result of this collaboration as a collection of unreleased tracks. The listener will be able to perceive these recordings from 2018 arranged in 2021, produced with open ears and new tools that were not available in the year of recording, taking us to a real interpretation of how the future would sound like. Instead of listening to the past, we present a vision of the future from the year of recording. 

So the Future is now! We decided to metabolize those sounds into a visual experiment called PHOSPHOROUS. 

Textures make sound/time bounded creating an episodic acoustic environment, by intersecting touch with listening. Exploring visually, samples of electrical code signs into speculation-imagination-flow. Noises of being material: green seas made of iron, orange skies with no oxygen, black lava earth, tectonic plates bubbling pores, and interstellar silence to give birth to hybrids terrestrials aquatic beings in an immersive entropic realm. Phosphorus forged by an improbable sequence of nuclear reactions in exploding stars is the most cosmically rare of the six elements to produce life. It is found in bone, teeth, DNA, RNA, cell membranes, and energy-transfer-moleculas ATP. It is also an irreplaceable element as food for plants in agriculture fertilizers and a range of industrial-consumer products in circulation reshaping our Earth’s critical geomorphic future. 

Joaquin Jimenez

Techniques used to manipulate audio in real-time: live looping, distortion, dub delays, cut up and heavy compression. Techniques used to process audio in production. Cut up, spectral processing, time-stretch and distortion.


Mechanical drone / Bronken soundscape / Sound preservation / Digital morphing / Machine soul / Spectral timber / Accidental soundscape / Contrasting / Rough / Swirling / Sudden future / Impossibility of physical / Push and pull

Joana Moher

Techniques used to manipulate this sonoplastia incisión: body-action, low-fi- contact mics and some microscopic and some phone-digital-magic


Sonoplastia / Visual Xperiment / Phosphorous_ Absortion_ Cycle / Dark_Ecology / Dirt-in Transmission / Soil Ecography / Industrial Archeology / Noises_ of_Being / Future Storytelling/ Paganism / Amorphic_ Interferences / Biophony_Geophony_Antropophony / Tasks_Scapes / Kinestesia / Digestive_Botanics / Interspecie_ gossip_affair / Metabolic_Minerals / Crystallization / Domestic_Xperiment 


released November 19, 2021

Joaquin Jimenez Sauma



Joana Moher


release: 19 Nov 2021