Polymer Dub

Polymer Dub is a real-time piece, where jjsauma mixes glitch, techno and dub elements in real-time, containing both natural and synthetic elements and creating an abstraction of the classic ingredients of dub music performance with modern aspects of futuristic IDM electronica in a musical entropy.

This performance exhibits an adaptation of the live performance and generative composition technique called Markov Chains, to produce pleasing but imperfect and unexpected compositions in a real-time improvisation. It borrows generative music techniques from Steve Reich and Bryan Eno’s mechanical systems. This piece represents the man-machine interaction in harmony, building on the idea of using the mixing board and the studio as an instrument, along with the use of semantic controls. It gives the performance and the musical construction an unusual flair and unique drive. Using field recordings along with synthesized sounds creates massive textures and rhythms, with deep bass and crisp percussion and clicks.

Polymer Dub has been presented in Electric Fridays by SAE Institute Barcelona, and _Alineal_ by Holawave.store in Mexico City among other places.

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