Rainforest Reverb

Selected to be part of the closing events of Fusebox Festival in Austin Texas, this multichannel sound design piece was presented at Rainforest Reverb, a massive 32 channel immersive sound experience that was installed on April, 21st 2019, inside State Parking Garage A in downtown Austin, TX. Speakers were spread throughout each layer of this 4 story garage, while spectators were free to roam throughout the environment to engage with the ecological theme of the project. Rainforest Reverb is inspired by the fact that most rainforest species occupy only a narrow range in the frequency spectrum which is also associated with their vertical position in the forest. The Sound Of Earthly Delights explore rainforests as a sonically structured space, showcasing a world were weird sound objects (as living entities in a forest) coexist freely in this world.

My piece, named "The Reverb of Earthly Delights", selected via an open call with participants from all over the world, is Inspired by the world created by Hieronymus Bosch in The Garden of Earthly Delights. I decided to create a Wall of Sound composition expressing the density, depth and dynamics of a living environment, where weird sound objects establish a dialogue, and their own way of life, making this space their own, coexisting with the urban landscape and inviting the audience to explore.

This composition covers dimensions of time and space. In time, the piece is divided in three parts, representing the three panels in the original Bosch’s oil painting. In space, it is a wide landscape that can be explored to discover new places to observe, each point of view (or listening point), will present a new panorama of this space, where the spectator is always discovering.

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Pictures by Kristie Bocanegra.